1 Shot! 2 Shot! 3 Shot! FLOOR!

At least once a week we find ourselves downtown in some familiar friends apartment. Like clockwork we begin to look for a new board game to play as means for entertainment. Picking right back up from the previous week almost as if we had just pressed pause. About halfway through the first round its already time to make things more “interesting” with a shot of moderately priced whiskey and a cigarette. Now this is just the first one so it is fine, and then…

“Well okay, one more and then we will get back to the game”, friends insist.

“Sounds good to me” I concur.

You kind of just change the subject and fall back into the living room, onto the couch and into your computer. Before we know it the game is background noise to the sound of shot glasses hitting the kitchen counter for good luck as the tenth or eleventh one slides down my throat. My face begins to flush and heat. This is about the time that I notice that you aren’t exactly overjoyed with the “man” I have made myself again. Quite incoherent at this point I don’t exactly know how to “slurlessly” speak to you. So I pretend to not notice that this is a big deal for you and we just decide that sleep is probably the best thing to do. So we undress and work our boney frames into the old black futon. We might discuss this uneasy situation right before sleep but it is doubtful that I can keep from passing out mid-sentence. So the cycle continues, because my stomach constantly continues to hunger for that oh so familiar burning in hopes to dumb down and make things more “interesting” yet again. But my heart hungers for a more progressive solution now. So I’ll just let your intoxicating presence be enough.

So I’ll just let you be enough.

Joshua Tool – 11/16/2008


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