Go To Sleep Upon Scarlet Sheets [The Longest Ride Home]

Today I woke to summer sun serenade

It was washed down with a tall glass of orange juice and a burning sensation that consumed my wrists

I looked down to find crimson stains smeared across them

I delicately touched these wounds

I scanned them with my fingertips and read these swollen scars like braille

It triggered a clenching pain that had been planted into my chest

Last night was in vein

And this time the pain finally broke the skin

I remember now

It is all to vivid

That night the sky was so violent

The stars were friendly

Yet the car was silent

Overlooking the overpass

Everything looks better when street lights come on

I stopped and stared at you

Your cheeks had so recently been stained with mascara

I wanted to wipe them but my hands thought different

A mutual knowledge of the end

I would grind my teeth as I said this to you

This was the sound of death

And then everything was out on the table

It had all been given back

Tightly gift wrapped and pleasantly pushed away

The lump in my throat was even bigger than the hole in your heart

I left you there and headed home

Heart aches and Tire tracks

I dragged myself down the stairs and collapsed into bed

I had to let it go

I grabbed the used blade

Because I am still dealing with distance

Joshua Tool- 09/17/2004


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