I Hate Winnipeg

Some would take the impression that I was a victim of epilepsy

With the untimely way I would seizure over you as our fireworks created a kaleidoscope burst of extreme off-sets and strobe light scenarios

Up and down, back and forth, pressing my lips to your lips and my nose to your cheek

Hoping that if only I could press hard enough, we would fuse into one blood pumping vessel

One air sharing being

I told you that I would love you forever or at-least until we were dirt

Even though our recent departure may seem mournful

The only appropriate watershed be from the clouds

We would take the form of flowers

We will sprout and stretch and bloom and our sweet spring aroma will never be matched

We will be a regular ol ‘bunch of rein-carnations

We’ll bask all day in the crisp clean air

And we will wait…

and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait

and pollenate

Joshua Tool – 09/04/2008


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