Knee Highs

You wear your hair dark now

You stained the sky with ground glass on your foreground

Like a seagull at our feet in the moons muddy tides we swallowed more than our pride

A breathy pale blue sex up to your knees wet us both

It could never work

As if we’d to attempt a river bank robbery and only come out with casualties and polished stones

How nature will take us both beneath the pines

Beach-less and breathless

How I long for your sun to set in my blinds and rid me my anxiousness

Fast asleep I would be with your warm rays

Soon to cool in orange

As again I’d fight the stars in a staring contest which they always win

I always sleep and dream of our currents

What if it a different hour and them more gently?

Only if

But the universe has a cycle for lovers like us

Up and down and eventually to drown in ourselves

I can’t hold myself up with you

A drinker of pirates and a lover of gods

I will eat of the algae off the shells and sea coral

Where my body has gravitated to

A starless night weary in brine

Goodnight to the starfish

for now they are mine

Joshua Tool – 11/17/2010


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