My Claustrophobic Heart

Last night I watched the leaves divorce the trees from a neighboring bench in a November park

It just so happened that my lungs had a date with its crisp autumn breeze

I thought it was time that I finally got a breath

And I lifted my head only to view those very trees shake hands with the retiring sun

Implying a candelabra

Their fiery limbs shunning the mirror-like buildings

In that same moment I flicked my cigarette into the new nights dew

I felt like smoking up the scenery

For I no longer yearn for your breath

I am content with my bench

I no longer search for someone to fill the seat next to me

Your existence has widowed my will

So here I shall sit, with November as my witness

I here now renounce my lungs

I here now retire with the sun

Joshua Tool – 11/15/2006


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