Tired Of Playing Hide ‘N Seek With God

For me to say that you have cheated on me, would imply that we were involved in some sort of game

However, I don’t think that is the case

This was never a thing of skill or luck

For that matter it was never something to feel cheated on in the first place

You do not belong to me and never have

I never belonged to you and never will

Because we are the same condensed matter that floats through this snow globe looking for a unique snowflake

Just as my car or your clothes or the neighbors cat

Breathe in

Breathe out

Its all the same

And these are not bitter words

They are very much grateful

The only thing that turned our dirt bound bodies into love baring beauties, was the short period of time when our souls slow danced in one others blacktop pupils



It was an agreement to save eachother at-least one song for the end of an awkward prom

Mostly spent sitting and sipping spiked fruit drinks

As for now the punch is flat and the DJ sucks, so we have to find a new rhythm to tap our feet to

So I will continue to dance and float and float and dance

As you will do the same

You are grass and sun and tree and air

I am cement and booze and building and neck ties

I am You are Me

Every vibration, every taste, every touch, every smell, every word meant for our ears, nose, mouth and body still lingers in the air

If you are silent you will hear them

If you are still you will feel them

If you are painting you will taste and smell them

See It never starts or stops

It just is…

Joshua Tool – 09/17/2008


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