Two-way Mirror

An eggshell colored carpeting soothes and supports your pressure points

An eggshell growing tension is served sunny side up

Breakfast in bed

I need a break from this bed

For this fold-out couch seems so apathetic

A blanket for one

The space for two

I will purposely pick the wrong side of the bed

And wake once more with my indecisions

Unmentionables and the unmentioned lay dying to be removed

From a twenty foot distance you promiscuously catch my eye

With a display of regret for the words you have not spoken yet

And I can’t quite grasp this expression

For your eyes seem too polluted with hesitation

And now all we are left with is the walls and their secrets

So all they will give us is their promise to keep them

I need a better question to master

Because all that you’ve given me is your honest answer

Joshua Tool – 03/02/2006


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