A Penny For Your Thoughts

The soaring gregorian chant that is the trains turbulence, entrancing my steps, shaving the air as it bullets and shrieks through the outskirts of the city. Leveling pennies and carving speed into weathered wood ties. I slow myself in dewy grass. Muddying up my soles. Headphones on, my eyes transfixed on the racing rave of day glow graffiti elegantly sprayed on the cars sinding. Feeling the weight of invisible waves pushing me back to thought.  Alone almost yet with this machine. Musically conquering the night.  Vibrating the earth almost sinking my feet like quicksand into this malleable mountain. We will move in my mind and record the great time. Stories for a travelers soul, song for only me to know.


Joshua Tool – 06/27/12


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