Heroine Den

A swamp 
A three ring circus tent fell center folded 
Pinpricked into the bounty of our pull out couch 
We made out
Like bandits 
Knowing my sense of duty, I left my hair in the drain 
I wished I not so pragmatic 
I woke into smoke and flushed the sink of your makeup as I cupped the flow into my hand while the warm waves filled and flowed falling from my palm into the porcelain palindrome of an architects wet dream 
Breaking up pieces of toothpaste chunks and flem residue 
I splashed new water onto my face 
Unto my broken wrinkled skin 
My thoughts cleared and sobered for a few seconds 
I found a pencil and wrote you something meaningful with an eraser at the end 
I found a lighter and found you again 
Joshua Tool – 02/14/13

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