Two Birds

I’ve been washing my hands in the same sink for over two abortions now and can’t seem to rid the familiar film soft water stains on my skin

I’ve been chewing the ends of my pen for two marriages now

I  still can’t seem to scrape the red dye out of my raised fingerprints

See my father was a good man

He taught me that blood is just something that won’t stop

It will continue flowing and staining everything

We use it to mark birthdays on outdated calendars

In the process of age I’ve contemplated eating my vegetables and quitting dirty habits

I even got lost in a “To-Do” list the other day and then forgot to pick up my inner child from school

It’s okay, my father knew this would happen

She’s going to be staying at his house for a while

See my father was wise

My father was word

My father was bond

My father is dead

But he should be cherished

Because he is never coming back

His name is Jesus

Have you heard of him?