“The Human Condition”

The greater of two evils; is like choosing your breakfast cereal with the advantage of brand name Vs economy. The economy version is just as much a familiar push and pull, wrapped in a generic (still as pragmatically germane) gentrifying & geologically “privileged”. It is moving your weight to the other foot that is still in a cast. Sugar Vs diabetes. Yet privilege, nay “freedom”, is to trust another language without understanding it, with pure tonal significance. To tattoo yourself with the antlers of Ecuador’s intrepid cacti. It’s a false accusation against your own self reflection. To question your scissor hand preference. Left; No right! Wait… just cut. Fabricating the fabric of your curtains. It’s opening the blinds to see that equality is in your mailbox. It is in your toothbrush. So clean up and smile pretty. Stop thinking your answers are in the recycling bin. Someone is drinking from it. I’m pretty sure Israel is still fucked.