“Modern Life”

Intelligence, yet without answers

Blind procreation as millions starve
Desensitization to a sex, violence and death
Broken families in million dollar homes
Voices in the gutters
Pfizer tells you when you’re gonna be okay
But everything is so clean now
Systematic racism, sexism , transphobia, homophobia, phobia, phobia, phobia…
Remember intelligence without answers?
We were all born female in the beginning, so put your dick back in your pants and tell someone you love them with honesty
Global warming
War on everything
Money over people
Hate for anything not like you
If you are scared of violence, don’t lock your doors
Pick up someone suffering
You are made of the same particles as a goldfish
Wait… What was I saying?

Force fed media.(Fuck you Fox News)
But there are enough cat videos to keep you safe
Fuck that
Listen to metal, drink whiskey, love someone truly and sit on the roof while you watch the earth fight back and destroy what we have been since we gained intelligence with answers.
Such a beautiful constant.
-Joshua Tool 09/10/16