“I Still Have Fingerprints In Portland”

I swallowed an echo once

I let it sit inside my chest to keep my blood punching through my skinny veins 
It was an echo of your voice
That playful tone from the first time I heard you laugh 
It’s still somewhat there but a little more restrained 
I keep slapping my xylophone of a chest to make it reverberate back into that solid note again
Instead it just bounces around up through my spine and into my head that multiplies into migraines 
It’s hard to think now with all of these echoes in my head
I can’t remember much anymore 
In a desperate attempt to preserve this song of serendipity, I held my breath as long as I could and began slapping my chest over and over 
Yet the echo had gone too far into my head 
I tried once more… “Thwack!”
Instead of feeling your echo come back into my heavy lungs and skinny veins, I felt it bounce out of my ears and my head began to clear…
…I am able to think straight again, but it is much quieter now without your echo.
-Joshua Tool 09/30/16


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