Zeal & Collywobbles

“Zeal & Collywobbles”
I spoke to you softly under the murmur of the dryer in the next room.
You danced on my tounge with hot breath smashing your nose into my cheeks like you would with wild raspberries in the fresh summer dew.
I played the architecture of your spine in a sweet melody of skela-tones as the window whistled and howled for colder nights.
The warm flickering luminance from homemade candles tattling on our shadows.
Lapping up your laughter like a kitten to a teat, I dug my knuckles into your hair and kissed your charismatic undertones.

Whiplash and the cracking of backs.
The sugar in your lip gloss stuck to my teeth like Cabernet to a white carpet.
I kept your song on repeat through my dreams and hummed it under my breath in empty rooms.
Your kind hands cradled under the weight of my shoulder blades as we shuffled through memories still to be made.
I saved these moments in the small space between our bodies before we’d move our molecules fast enough to fuse together.
Splashing in colors of static & stare downs.
If love is a choice, than I’m all out of options.

I choose you.

-Joshua Tool