Concrete Vinyl 

“Concrete Vinyl”
There was a song once.
It was called “Collywobbles”.
It was strong and sultry.
Operatic in way that’d turn your hair into spikes.
Silky like a French dessert.
Oh, how I craved your butterflies in my stomach.
Like and post sex cigarette.
The way it moves like a saxophone could change the world. 
Coltrane would be proud.
This song was an anthem. 
A prequel to the a cappella Hallelujah.
It was a dance in the dark at a 1995 block party.
Smoldering logs on the patio fire.
Explosions in the distance.
Air, so still, you’d question if it were even there.
This song made grown men cry.
This song felt like the first time you rode your bike without training wheels
This was a magical song
A song that vibrates at the frequencies of fables
This song tunneled space and time 
This is your song.
This is my song.
This is our song.
This is love.
No matter the noise or the silence
This song will sing. 
As will our love. 
-Joshua Tool 01/31/17