“My Frozen Lake”

I had cold sweats in a fetal position dream of our perennial passion:

As each bead burst and absorbed into my shirt, a piece of potential grew.

I was sweating out the bad parts of me for the good parts of you…

In my dream we chapped our faces in the arctic winter, walking into the wind.

We held hands through barriers of cloth that promised warmer sin.

Take my blood, take my heart and I will walk with you again.

I shook in the night for it not a fair fight, a climate comprimising your skin.

In the end of my dream, I woke in a scream and stared at the ceiling of blue.

I was sleeping outside as I swallowed my pride, to rest from the absence of you.

I will sweat every night, I will fight the good fight, for our beads and our love will be true.

|You are my frozen lake|

Though cracked in places, I will never ever fall through.

-Joshua Tool 04/22/17


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