“A Bone To Pick, A Word To Memorize”

I sharpened my teeth on the steel of your tongue.

As the sparks flew, they grazed and burned our cheeks, yet I still felt truly numb.

A firework show on forgotten faces.

How could your words still taste so cold in the heat of these metal embers scorching our skin.

I know that you despise my burning belly, but my heart is warmer than this collide of bone and metal.

I sharpened my tongue on the steel bars of this jail cell I have found myself in.

Words fell into my mattress as I stared at the wall and picked at the chipping paint.

Carving invisible promises into the solitude of my memories.

That is that my belly burns no longer.

My heart burns twice as hot and my teeth are softening from grinding them down through the nightmares I walk through every night without you.

I don’t need my moon to shine. I need my sun to kiss my back the way you had nightly before I started sharpening my tongue and teeth.

I don’t want to build weapons out of my bones, I want to make love with my skin and words.

I want to be the one that makes your moon shine and to kiss your freckles the way your sun has.

I care nothing for the battle nor the war.

I care only for the repair of skin, hearts, teeth and tongues.

If somehow we could exchange lukewarm words and exist in the comfort of our repaired persons.

I would meet you, white flag waving, and kiss all the sharp parts of you until we no longer need weapons to sleep.

To love.

To Be.


-Joshua Tool 04/27/17


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