“Patients Is A Virtue” 

In the waiting room

As I watched the hands of the clock on the wall overlap into another day

The moon pulled tides through my eyes

I washed my face in the tope hospital bathroom

What a mundane tone to clean yourself in

I carried myself heavier than usual

I looked for five familiar things

I paced

I felt four sinking pits in my chest, head, heart and stomach

I heard three intertwining voices resonating over the beeping of the heart monitors

I paced

A cluttered dichotomy of cologne and sterile hallways consumed my nose as I tasted the tinny blood of my tongue as I bit down to distract myself from all my sinking pits.

I sat

I stretched my limbs and cracked my knuckles

Folding my palms over my face

The clock hands now vertically aligned

I was silent

In the waiting room

The doctor came out

“Sir?” She firmly questioned

“Yes?” I stuttered, shaking as I rose from my cold seat

“Is everything okay?”

“Yes, I just came to let you know that everything went great” She affirmed with a boisterous smile

“OH, THAT’S AMAZING! So it’s going to be alright?”

“Yes, your love is going to be just fine. Just take good care of it and it should live to see a long and happy life.” She stated with an informative and stately exuberance.

“Thank You Thank You! Yes, yes of coarse, I will never let my love slip again. I will take the very best care of it from here on out.” I promised with true conviction

Leaving the waiting room

The sun piercing through the blue morning dew

From that day on

My love has never left me

As I shared it with you

Our love has never left us.


-Joshua Tool 05/10/17


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