“My Blood Is Gasoline”

I was born into arson.

I was bred into flames.

Ive walked into the hot embers bare foot.

Ive felt the heat on my toes and ankles; on my thighs and stomach.

I have buried a lot of futures in these smoldering wonders.

I was made to set the world on fire.

Though I changed my hunger to set hearts on fire instead.

Sometimes lips and finger tips as well.

To rise from ash is to become the true sense of one with the vibrant vibrations that these fires have condensed into a different note.

From lighter. to bon fire to fire barrel.  I have walked every rise and fall that is flammable.

And I will always burn.

I will always burn for anything flammable.

I will always burn for you.

To rise.

From the ashes.

To light your lips, your home or to just keep you warm wherever you land.

I will never stop burning.

I was born into a chemical exchange that kills, yet man is still obsessed with it to this day.

I am fear and curiosity.

I am love and generosity.

I am death and I am life.

I am no different than you.

I just combust under a different temperature.

I was born an arsonist.

And I will never stop rising from the ash.

-Joshua Tool 05/21/17



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