I wear mid western hymns on my arms like my blood in pushing out fields of corn. 
Like before they made it scary.
I walk with an east coast ancient like a knife when I am scared. 
Cause that’s what you do to get the boogey man in that dark alley not to fuck with you.
I relax in a California tongue.
I have to brush my teeth a lot cause L.A. Tap water is so dirty.
I sleep in south Texas with my Mexican brothers on the borders of something made up. And they don’t mind the L.A. water I offer them.
They are just thirsty, and hungry and they have dreams the same as I do.
They dream of a day that they can just work hard and get paid a decent wage for it.
To help their familia. 
I shake in Delaware and Pennsylvania and Detroit because gentrification is real and now.
I sit with the homeless because it’s not that hard to get there. AND THEY ARE PEOPLE AS WELL. 
Maybe just not so well off.
But they’ve got inspirational stories. 
They shook and talked and recited the poetry of their words as if whatever way they shook or spoke or there ancient, or what toilet they had to use. It was okay.
Cause the sky doesn’t judge and the ground is still there no matter how much concrete you put on it. 
I sat on the ashes of my past thoughts, shaking hands with all these beautiful people and smiled.
And sometimes that’s all you need.
-Joshua Tool 07/14/17


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